The Story of When We First Left Earth

On July 20th of each year, we gather to commemorate the wondrous accomplishments achieved by the Human Beings of Planet Earth.

During this celebration we retell the story of the evolving universe, life, and the first landing by humans on the moon of Earth.

What better time to tell the story of our aspirations and accomplishments than on the anniversary of the highest achievement of our hands, hearts, and minds and one of the most dramatic events in modern time, that first landing.

Of all the formal holidays celebrated by the people of Earth, few, if any, recognize the peaceful and productive technological achievements accomplished by human beings as individuals, or as a species.

This, then, is our opportunity:

  • To tell the story of the species that not only dreams, but has the ability to make those dreams a reality.

  • To honor those who advanced our body of knowledge and to recognize the profound significance of thought, reason, and the methods of science.

  • To become aware of the new and exciting possibilities that technology, derived from our understanding of nature, is opening up to us.

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